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4 Important Rules for Becoming an Outstanding ESL Teacher at Birmy International English

The truth is, everyone can be an ESL teacher at Birmy International English School in China. This doesn’t mean, however, that everyone can be a good and effective teacher. What this means is that while you can easily obtain the necessary requirements to qualify for a teaching job, this does not guarantee that you will be effective in teaching your Chinese students the English language. The good news, however, is that you can always train yourself to become a good teacher. With commitment and perseverance, it’s not impossible for you to be the best ESL teacher out there!

Here are some guidelines you can follow to become a great English teacher at Birmy English School:

  1. Do not become a dictator when teaching English.

Always remember that the class is not about you, but the students only. Yes, you should be in control of the class to ensure that everyone behaves properly, but you can’t always impose your will on your students. What you should do instead is to create a classroom environment in which your students will feel comfortable speaking, asking questions, getting creative, and engaging with their fellow students.

  1. Maximize student talk time.

According to many Birmy education group reviews, this is one of the biggest challenges for ESL teachers. It’s not always easy to find a topic which your students can relate to, and what’s even harder is to encourage learners to speak more. As a teacher, you can maximize your students’ talk time by limiting your corrections of their grammar, for instance.

  1. Be more of a coach or a mentor.

Learning a different language is definitely not easy to do. This is true especially for Chinese people who are not exposed to enough English in their country. Instead of being technical in teaching your lessons, treat your students as your mentees. A coach is someone who empathizes with his or her mentee. Try to imagine what challenges your students are dealing with so you could have an idea how you can help them overcome those challenges.

  1. Be creative and make learning fun.

Students can easily get bored in English classes. That’s why it’s important that you prepare lessons and materials that are interesting enough to motivate them to speak the language. Think of language games and use colorful and fun materials to get your students’ attention. If you’re teaching teenagers and adults, make sure your topics are something they can relate to.

If you ever have any troubles finding materials and lesson plans to use in your class, do not hesitate to seek help from your fellow teachers or even from the staff at the Birmy head office. There are many websites online also where you can get ideas from, and you might as well read several Birmy education reviews as well to receive some tips from other ESL teachers in China.