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4 Important Tips for New ESL Teachers at Birmy English School in China

Now that you’ve finally made up your mind to become an ESL teacher at Birmy International English in China, the next step is to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Especially if it’s your first time to teach abroad or have no teaching experience, how well you get yourself ready may determine how easily you can adapt to a different life overseas.

Use the following tips so you can have a good start in your career as an ESL teacher in China:

1. Know everything about your contract and choose the best job offer.

As a first-timer, you’re likely to be too excited to move abroad and accept just any job offer. But you have to be careful before you sign any contract from any school. You’ve got to ask as many questions as possible so you can be sure. If you were promised such things as health insurance, housing, or even plane ticket reimbursements, you need to make sure that all of them are clearly stated in your employment contract. You may contact the Birmy English School head office directly to ask anything in your contract that isn’t clear to you.

If you receive multiple job offers, don’t rush your decision. Weigh your options very well and choose the school you think would give you the best opportunities abroad.

2. Don’t hesitate to approach fellow teachers to ask for some advice.

Most schools in China provide their foreign teachers with a lesson plan or specific materials to use in class, but there are also many schools that give their teachers freedom to plan their lessons. Either way, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask other more experienced teachers for advice if you’re having a difficult time in your classes. Those ESL teachers who have been there longer than you will have ideas on how you will be more effective in your classes.

3. Choose your housing wisely.

Your housing will have a huge effect on your lifestyle while you’re abroad. Thus, it’s very important that you be aware of your options when it comes to housing, so you can have reasonable expectations. Choose a place that won’t make it difficult for you to live. You must also ask your fellow teachers about their housing and ask if you could possibly live with anyone of them.

4. Read a couple of reviews about the school.

One of the best ways to gather information (both good and bad) about a particular learning institution in China is to read reviews online. So many native speakers go to China to teach ESL, so there are also lots of blogs, articles, and reviews written by them online. You should check out some Birmy School review so you can have an idea about what you can expect from this English school in China.