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4 Very Important Traits Successful Teachers at Birmy English School Have in Common

Getting a job as an ESL teacher in a prestigious school in China, like Birmy International English School, is a fairly easy thing to do. All you need is to comply with the requirements of the school, and when you’ve done that, you will easily be considered for the job. What’s challenging, however, is how you could become a reliable and effective English teacher to students who barely know the English language. Aside from your teaching experience and other qualifications, you need to have the right attitude in order to be a successful ESL teacher.

Here are the most important traits you need to possess to be considered an outstanding ESL teacher:


To put it simply, those teachers who care about their jobs and students the most are the ones who also produce the best students. Being a dedicated ESL teacher means that you have to put a lot of effort and some real thought in each of your lesson plans. The best teachers at Birmy English School are excellent at preparing their classes. They always take into consideration the skills and weaknesses of their students, and they try really hard to come up with ways to help students learn what they need to learn.


Having a well-written lesson plan doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have an excellent class, but it is a crucial first step towards having an effective class. Great teachers know what their classes are going to be even before they step inside the classroom. Your lesson plan must include details of every activity you’re going to have in your class. You must come prepared with all the materials needed, and you should also know how much time is needed to complete all those activities.


Teaching is one of the most challenging and frustrating jobs out there. There are lots of odd students out there who always aim at stressing their teachers out. And there are students also who seem to find it too hard to learn or remember things. You will only be able to handle all these challenges if you are patient. It’s important that you accept your students’ weaknesses, and you must be patient enough to still be there for your students until the end.


One common trait of the most effective teachers at Birmy English is strictness. Good teachers acknowledge the fact that students’ behavior can be turned into positive ones when they are given the right discipline. Teachers at Birmy are encouraged to be strict in some ways because this is an effective way of making students responsible in their studies. As a teacher, you should always bear in mind that you are like your students’ second parent, and you have the right to maintain control in your classroom.