5 Compelling Reasons You Should Learn English Now

If you’re thinking of learning a new language, it’s very likely that everyone around you is saying that English is what you should learn. Well, there are so many reasons to learn the English language, but you have to be aware that it is one of the most difficult languages to learn. But the good thing is that at Birmy International English School, you will be given all the help and the right program that will make studying English easier for you.

Here are the ways English will be useful for you:

1. English is a widely spoken language

Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in terms of the number of speakers, but it is English that’s the most used language in many countries. That means that English can give you the biggest return for your efforts. Besides, there is no point in spending time learning a language that you will never use.

2. English proficiency can lead to so many opportunities

Having the ability to speak English will enable you to communicate effectively in many countries, which means that you can come across a lot of opportunities, especially in terms of choosing the country where you want to work. And if you have always been interested in traveling the world, you should have no fear if you know how to communicate in English.

3. English makes you more attractive to employers

Being proficient in a second language, especially English, demonstrates brain power, and it also reflects that you have put in a lot of time, effort and resources learning a different language. More importantly, the majority of businesses today are trying to extend their reach globally, so they’re looking for employees who can speak the international business language – English.

4. English allows you to enroll in international schools and universities

English is considered as the language of higher education. If you want to study in MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, or Oxford, you definitely need to have outstanding English skills. If you have plans to enroll in any top international universities, now is the time to contact Birmy head office to inquire about enrolling in their English programs.

5. English allows you to enjoy and appreciate pop culture more

The highest-grossing movies in the world are made in Hollywood, and of course, they are in English. You don’t want to forever rely on subtitles to be able to understand a blockbuster movie in English. Plus, English proficiency will let you enjoy English songs, and even literature.


Those are just five of the many good reasons you should learn how to communicate in English. At Birmy International English School, you can rest assured that the foreign teachers have undergone the Birmy Education Group Reviews  to ensure that they have the qualifications and skills to make learning English fun and effective.