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5 Don’ts While Teaching at Birmy English School in China

Working in Birmy English in China is a dream for many foreigners because aside from having a job, they can also enjoy traveling this amazing Asian country. This is fun, of course, but as an ESL teacher in China, you actually have more responsibilities compared to tourists and backpackers who just want to explore China. As an ESL teaching in this country, there are some important things you need to learn and remember, especially regarding Chinese culture, so you can avoid offending the locals.

What You Should NOT Do As an ESL Teacher in China

  1. Don’t say anything negative about China.

One of the questions you might hear from your students or even co-teachers is whether you like China or not. They will also ask if you love Chinese food, or you enjoy using chopsticks, and so on. Make sure you answer those questions positively. Chinese people are very nationalistic, so they are not fond of those people who say bad things about their country or its people.

  1. Don’t speak ill about your own country either.

As mentioned earlier, the Chinese are nationalistic. When they hear you criticizing your home country, they will begin to question your loyalty to your country. It is always best to stay positive and give positive comments about your country and their country.

  1. Avoid talking about religion in the classroom.

At Birmy International English School, teachers are reminded that they’re not supposed to discuss anything about religion during their class. In China, everyone enjoys their freedom to choose any religion, and so talking and debating about it is strictly forbidden.

  1. Do not be insensitive to cultural diversity.

If you personally chose to go to China to pursue your teaching career, it’s possible that you have a desire to know and embrace other cultures. But of course, there is no guarantee that you will not be culture-shocked when you live in China. There are so many things you will see in this country that you may not like, but still, you have to keep your respect to their culture and way of life. Be open-minded, understanding and sensitive to cultural differences.

  1. Don’t lose sense of humor.

Chinese people are blunt, in general, but this doesn’t mean you should let this trait of theirs to affect you. You might be told that you have a big forehead or nose, but you shouldn’t feel bad because of it. Chinese people say things honestly, but they are not trying to be mean. No matter what they say or comment about you, just ignore it and don’t feel about it. When you go to Birmy English School in China, you will be given some training and orientation just so you know what to expect in your job as an ESL teacher.