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5 ESL Teaching Mistakes to Avoid in Birmy International English School

ESL teachers, including those working in Birmy International English School in China, tend to make the same mistakes throughout their first year of teaching non-English speaking students. Lack of preparation, inadequate training, and inexperience can contribute to such mistakes.

This doesn’t mean, however, that those teachers who make mistakes are bad teachers. But if you want to improve your teaching skills and become an effective ESL teacher right away, it’s vital that you avoid making the following mistakes:

  1. Having too much time for Teacher Talk

This is one of the most common mistakes ESL teachers make according to many Birmy education group reviews. When you start introducing a concept, make sure you don’t spend so much time explaining it and mentioning other useless stuff. See to it that your students still have a chance to practice the language they’re trying to learn – English.

  1. Using technical terms too often

There are so many technical words in phonics, grammar, and other aspects of the English language which you can’t expect your students to understand. As a teacher, it is your job to find a way to simplify terms so that everyone in your class understands what you’re teaching.

  1. Finishing your students’ sentences for them

It doesn’t matter how long you have to wait for your students to complete their sentences, you have to let them do it! There’s really no point in teaching them a language if you want to be the one to finish their sentences for them. Besides, interrupting your students while they’re talking can make them lose interest in your class.

  1. Lack of preparation for the class

One of the biggest mistakes you should never make as an ESL teacher is to come to class unprepared! At Birmy, the Birmy head office makes it clear to all its teachers the importance of preparing class lessons and materials ahead of time. The purpose of this is to ensure that class lessons are always in line with the goals of the class. Being prepared also makes it easier for teachers to handle their classes as lesson plans serve as a direction.

  1. Speaking with students in their native language

You might think it’s fun to talk to your Chinese students in Chinese, but you have to understand that it isn’t helpful for them in any way. Keep in mind that they are in your class to learn your language, and not for you to learn their language. It’s a total waste of their time, so you must avoid it.

There are many ways you can become an effective ESL teacher. Reading a couple of Birmy education reviews, for instance, will help you get a better idea of what you should and shouldn’t do to succeed in your teaching job.