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5 Interesting Things to Do in China As You Teach in Birmy English School

Many foreign teachers decide to work as ESL teachers in China, particularly at Birmy International English School, mainly because they want to explore this amazing country. China is known for its magnificent cities, fast-paced development, amazing hiking locations, and of course, the Great Wall. If you work and stay in China, these are not the only things you can do there! In fact, there are many other activities in this country that you can enjoy while you’re working as an ESL teacher.

We have asked some of our teachers in Birmy English School about what they love to do during their time off and weekends. Here are the top answers:

  1. Learn Mandarin

Living in China is the best opportunity you have for learning an important language – Mandarin. By learning Chinese, you will not just acquire a new language, which can be very helpful as you learn about the country’s history and culture, but this can benefit your future career as well. China is considered as one of the major players in international commerce, so being able to speak in Chinese is a huge advantage for your career.

  1. Travel Other Asian Countries

When you’re in China already, you have many opportunities to travel its neighboring countries as well. There are lots of cheap tickets and travel packages you can book online in advance. Asia is rich in history, amazing landscapes, wonderful beaches, and friendly people. Each country in Asia offers unique cuisines as well that you can definitely enjoy especially if you’re a food lover.

  1. Join Various Expat Activities

The moment you arrive in China, one of the first things you need to do is find a group of people who speak the same language as yours. Joining a community is important as it will prevent you from experiencing extreme homesickness. You can do a lot of things with these people, such as traveling, going to clubs, watching movies, enjoying sports, and so on.

  1. Find a New Hobby

There are many new hobbies you can try while you’re in China. One of the more popular ones is table tennis. Painting and Chinese calligraphy are also very interesting for foreigners in China, and you can learn them, too. You should also try learning about the Chinese tea culture. All you need is a tea set, and you can then try doing a tea ceremony with your friends.

  1. Explore Various Local Chinese Dishes

Chinese food is another thing to look forward to in China. Teachers at Birmy English would often recommend trying different restaurants all the time. During weekends, you can also go on an out-of-town trip with your friends to explore other cities and also try their own food specialties.