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5 Less Known Benefits of Teaching ESL in Birmy English School

Working as an ESL teacher in China in schools like Birmy English has become a very popular option among young Americans and those from other Western countries. They see this opportunity as an excellent way to travel while at the same time earn some work experience abroad.

So, why should you also consider teaching ESL in China? Here are some very good reasons for you:

#1 – The training is rather easy.

You will need a TEFL certificate to be qualified for a teaching job at Birmy International English School, for instance. You can gain this certification by completing a 100 hour course. You can choose evening or weekend classes, and you can take the course online as well. In terms of the cost, you need about $500 for it, but many schools in China will offer to pay such fees for you.

#2 – You’ll get help in preparing for your classes.

If it’s your first time to teach English to non-English speaking students, you might be intimidated and clueless as to how you should handle your classes. There’s not much to worry about, however, because at Birmy English School, the staff and other ESL teachers will be more than willing to assist you. There is a curriculum to follow, so that won’t be a burden to you.

#3 – You can do a lot during your 1-year contract.

Most ESL teachers in China sign a contract for just a year. Although one year seems like a short time, there are many things and a lot of traveling you can do during that period of time. Many ESL teachers spend their weekends going to different cities, watching cultural events, going to festivals, and of course, trying a variety of Chinese foods!

#4 – You can make friends with the locals easily.

Whether you tean in a public school or in an international school like Birmy English, you will be able to meet a lot of people who speak English. Local Chinese people love to practice their English skills, so they are open to hanging out with foreigners or even becoming tour guides of their teachers. Your co-teachers would also love to have you join them in their trips, so being homesick is not something you should worry about.

#5 – This experience will make your resume look good.

Any work experience abroad is definitely a resume-booster. ESL teachers in China have skills that not everyone in the workforce possesses. Future employers will be impressed with your skills, such as the ability to communicate across cultural and language barriers, leadership skills in conducting classes to foreigners, and your ability to speak a new language. Working at Birmy International English School in China gives you a great opportunity to develop all these skills to make you more attractive to future employers.