5 Reasons to Become an English Teacher in China

Teaching English abroad has earned its reputation as one of the most exciting and lucrative jobs especially for those who are gifted with great teaching skills. Becoming an English teacher to foreigners offers you not only a stable job, but also an excellent opportunity to travel and to meet people from other countries. And if you’re wondering what the best place is to teach English, there’s no doubt that you should consider going to Birmy International English School in China.

Why in China, you ask? Below are just some of the many good reasons to become an English teacher in China:

China is unique and completely diverse.

It is quite an understatement to say that Chinese culture is different from Western culture. When you get there, you will realize that China is one huge country that is so ethnically, geographically, and culturally diverse! You will be amazed with the historic sites around the country, and there will never be a shortage of places to visit and things to try.

It is easy to make friends with the locals.

One of the biggest challenges you may face should you decide to teach in Birmy English School is being homesick. Especially if it is your first time to live in a different country alone, there are lots of reasons you will feel lonely. But in China, you will love that the local people are so easy to make friends with.

The students are nice and fun.

When you teach in Birmy English academy in China, you will either have adult or young students. You shouldn’t worry about having to deal with different attitudes in your classes because Chinese students are by nature well behaved. They are entertaining, enthusiastic, and very appreciative. You certainly won’t have to stress out too much.

You will be looked after in China.

One of the most important reasons many English teachers decide to go to China is because English teachers in China get to have a mentor teacher. What a mentor teacher does is basically to help foreign teachers settle in and get accustomed to the workplace. They also assist English teachers in making lesson plans, and they are always willing to help whenever teachers encounter difficulties in their classes.

You develop skills in the Chinese language.

It seems impossible to learn or even understand Chinese. But becoming a teacher in China is a great opportunity to learn the language. You will be exposed to Chinese and if you want to take your learning seriously, your colleagues and even your school may offer to help you develop your Chinese communication skills.

If you want to work abroad not only to earn money, but also to travel places, meet people, and get lots of amazing experiences, teaching in Birmy International English School in China is definitely for you.