A Few Important Tips for Future ESL Teachers at Birmy English School

Reading a couple of Birmy education reviews is a great way to get a feel of how it is like to work as an ESL teacher in China. If it’s your first time to travel the magnificent country of China, chances are you’re now feeling so anxious about going there are getting ready to live in a place that’s totally different from where you grew up. But then again, there are so many good things about this country that you should look forward to.

English Language in China

There’s no question that the economy of China is booming, and this explains why there are more and more expats who are opting to work, trade, and live in China. In fact, statistics will tell you that over the last decade, the number of foreign companies operating in China has nearly tripled, which caused the country to be considered as one of the most influential economic powers in the world. This has also made it a necessity for Chinese people to learn English.

With millions of Chinese students who need to learn English, getting an ESL job in China can be pretty easy. When you apply for a teaching job in Birmy International English School, all you need are a college degree, some professional teaching experience, and/or a TEFL certificate. With all these, you will be qualified to teach at one of the most reputable language institutions in China.

Bank Transactions in China

One of the first things foreign teachers do upon arrival in China is open a bank account. You have to know that the fees for transferring money from international accounts can be very expensive. Thus, it’s only practical for foreigners to open a bank account in China. Take note, however, that this process could take some time. The typical requirements for opening a bank account are the applicant’s passport and proof of residence. The staff at Birmy English School can certainly assist you in opening your bank account in China.

If you’re wondering if ATMs are available in most parts of China, well, you won’t have difficulties finding one in major cities, but this could be a problem for you if you decide to go to remote areas and mountain villages. Most international credit cards can also be used in China, particularly in department stores, hotels, and large restaurant chains.

Assistance from Your English School

It may take you a while to get used to the way of living in China. But this isn’t something you should worry about because the staff at Birmy English School will be available for you should you need help or assistance. This is one of the advantages of working at a private language school like Birmy, so you can rest assured that you will be safe while you’re staying in China.