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About Us

Offering top English training solutions for enterprises and individuals, Birmy is quickly expanded from Zhejiang Province and spread to Hunan Province as well as other various areas. We are committed to provide advanced English training to all levels, including advanced English for adults, teenagers and kids. Birmy Education is a pace-maker in the English training industry, with departments specializing to research and further develop the effectiveness of English language study. So far Birmy has recruited hundreds of learners and provided an excellent and professional study service for the customers successfully.

In order to ensure the high quality of teaching, Birmy offers excellent service. Birmy adopts the mode of regular chain management differing from franchise patterns used by similar English training organizations. Birmy has set up seven English training schools in domestic areas under the consistent standards of service, management, recruitment and training, which laid groundwork for its sustainable development. For the sake of extending an excellent teaching system to the whole country, and to get more people to receive more advanced education, Birmy Education will continue making unrelenting efforts.

Our Honors

icon-chevron-circle-right Official “International English Educational and Researching Institute”, “International Certificate Training Center” awarded by IEERA.

icon-chevron-circle-right Voted one of the top seven English training centers in China.

icon-chevron-circle-right Voted one of the one hundred best educational institutes in China.

icon-chevron-circle-right Awarded excellent private institute.

icon-chevron-circle-right Awarded for our core values of honesty and a high teaching standard.

icon-chevron-circle-right Voted as the best institute by QQ Education、Zhongqing. Online in the heart of college students,

icon-chevron-circle-right Winning the awards of “Excellent Teaching Characteristics” and “Course Design”.

icon-chevron-circle-right Training center for International Certified TESOL Teacher

icon-chevron-circle-right Training center for International TESOL elementary and junior English teachers

icon-chevron-circle-right Training center for these certificates: International English Skills, International English Proficiency,

icon-chevron-circle-right International Spoken English and Interpretation, and International Certified Interpreters

icon-chevron-circle-right Voted the best English training center for advanced leaders and cadres by Taizhou government.

icon-chevron-circle-right The official business English training center of the Foreign Trade Bureau in Taizhou.

icon-chevron-circle-right The official oral English training center of Taizhou Anti-riot Police, appointed by the police station of Taizhou.

Certificate of the Honors

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To become a respected world-class education group.


To cultivate an elite nation, make our motherland prosperous and promote harmonious development.