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Birmy Education Group Reviews Some Tips in Teaching English to Chinese Kids

Teaching the English language to Chinese children could be an enormous challenge. The instructor should be able to master the art of teaching a student who has not heard nor spoken the English language before. This can be a huge barrier that can cause intimidation between the teacher and student. For this reason, Birmy education group reviews some of the most important things one should consider when teaching English to Chinese kids.

You have to be acquainted first with the fact that you are teaching students who are not native or natural speakers of English and are under the age of eight. Usually this group of students are not mostly conversational and are very noisy in nature. As a teacher, you should be able to speak their language before you can establish rapport with these students. Truth is, even if you do not know how to speak Mandarin, you could still be an effective teacher by following the tips below.

Tips to Be an Effective English Teacher

First impressions always last. This is why when you enter the room, you should be able to flash your students a smile since these kids might be nervous upon seeing you as a teacher. Adding to the fact is that you are not as the same nationality as them. They are most likely conscious of the new environment along with learning. According tothe Birmy head office, nothing communicates approachability better than flashing a big smile. Students should feel that the person who will be teaching them is someone whom they can feel comfortable with. When this happens, the learning would be easier.

The next thing to do is to teach students in an eye level. The teacher should learn how and when to kneel down when talking to Chinese kids. Body language matters so much to kids as it is with adults. When someone seems to be towering above them, they get intimidated. The Birmy education group reviews proper posture, timing and eye level as powerful combinations that allow kids to learn more. Since students are not native English speakers, the teacher should be able to speak slowly too.

There is a necessity to pay attention to the speed of one’s talking. The teacher should also clearly enunciate words so that the kids can comprehend all the lessons in a level that they understand.

Lastly, the Birmy International English School also suggests that the lesson plan should include a simple review every after session. The teacher must be able to ask simple questions to the students to assess if they have learned something in class. This will allow Chinese kids to be more confident with themselves especially on their ability to speak English.

All in all, it might be quite a challenge to teach these kids English but just tell yourself that once they have learned it well, it would be more rewarding in your part as a teacher. So, are you ready?

Birmy International English School is an institution with excellent teaching strategies and highly competitive instructors in teaching the English language to Chinese students. Backed with an impressive track record in teaching, Birmy offers excellent English learning to the Chinese population.