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Birmy Education Group Reviews: What ESL Teachers Should Look for in an Employment Contract in China

Working at Birmy International English School in China is definitely one of the most unforgettable and rewarding experiences I’ve had in my life. Such experience significantly enhanced my professional experience, and has helped me grow as an individual. I also appreciate the fact that I was able to make many new friends, not to mention the good salary I received from my employer.

I’m writing this post to somehow help those who are thinking of getting an ESL teaching job in China. If this is the career path you wish to pursue, keep the following tips in mind so you can have an amazing and fruitful teaching experience in China:

#1 – Sign a contract that clearly indicates how much salary you will receive.

You shouldn’t take any job that doesn’t give clear details about your salary. What you want is an employment contract that states how much monthly salary you can receive. Be sure also that the contract includes the corresponding monetary remuneration for any overtime work. It’s important also that you have a good understanding of how the pay system works in the workplace. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions as well.

When it comes to the salary offered for the job, see to it also that there’s a part in the contract about paid leave. One of the things you will often see in Birmy Education group reviews is the satisfaction of their teachers with their system for paid leave. Birmy understands that their teachers also need some time off to travel, explore, or even return home if they want to.

#2 – Ask that airfare be included.

It is common for Chinese employers to offer to pay for the transportation of their foreign workers. Thus, if a potential employer does not offer you this, you have a right to ask for it. And when you do, make sure that you put it in writing in your employment contract. This will protect you later on from being abused by an employer.

#3 – Ask for housing assistance.

You are moving to a place that is so unfamiliar to you, so you would want to at least have a place where you can be comfortable while you rest after a long day’s work. There are many types of housing units or accommodations available for foreign workers in China, but not all of them can give you the privacy you need. Thus, you will need the assistance from your employer in arranging for your accommodation.

The good thing about Birmy  English School is that they are the ones who make the arrangements for the accommodation of their foreign teachers. By reading a couple of Birmy Education reviews, you will learn more tips on how you can have the best time working and living in China.