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Birmy Education Reviews: 4 Reasons ESL Teachers Love Their Job

A career in teaching is without a doubt a very rewarding one, but according to several Birmy education group reviews, choosing a career as an ESL teacher is even more fulfilling. One of the greatest things about becoming an English teacher for non-English speaking people is the fact that there’s a huge demand for these professionals all over the world. As reported by the British Council, there are over a billion people all around the world currently learning the English language.

If you haven’t thought about teaching English in China, for instance, the following are some very good reasons you should send your application to Birmy head office to pursue a career as an ESL teacher.

1. You’ll be able to travel the world.

As mentioned earlier, there are now millions of students from many different countries that are learning English. As we are all aware, English is the most important language there is because it is considered the universal language for business and commerce. This means that for an individual to be able to grab career or business opportunities abroad, they need to be fluent in communicating in English. As a teacher at Birmy English School in China, you have a great opportunity to travel and explore this amazing country.

2. Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs or professions out there.

Teaching non-native speakers the English language comes with a lot of challenges, of course. But still, dedicated teachers feel that the rewards of this job far outweigh the costs. Through your efforts, you enable students to read, speak and understand a very important language. You also become a tool for them to reach their dreams and career goals.

3. You learn another culture.

When you teach in China, for instance, you will have so many opportunities to learn their language as well. And aside from their language, you can also gain a lot of information about the country and its people. Although you can learn about these things by reading books, nothing beats first-hand experience. This means that when your teaching contract ends, you get not only work experience and money, but more importantly, the experience of being with other people from another part of the world.

4. It’s easy to see the impact of your dedication and hard-work.

When you read a couple of Birmy education reviews, you’ll realize that one of the biggest reasons why many ESL teachers really love their job is the fact that they can see the impact of their work almost immediately. When you teach English, you will notice how your students who couldn’t even speak a single English word are eventually able to make conversations in English! ESL teachers are very proud to see their students build confidence in communicating with a foreign language.