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Birmy Education Reviews: How English Is Being Taught to Chinese Students

Teaching English to Chinese students can be a challenging task to any teacher considering China’s varied capacity for learning, vocal background as well as the country’s political environment in terms of education. Birmy education reviews usually speak of adjustment to the diverse background of Chinese students. But how exactly is English taught in this other side of the planet?

Chinese people are known to be determined when it comes to learning. However, it is still a challenge for some Chinese students to fully understand and speak English as though it is their native language. On the brighter side, there is a step by step way to make this gradually happen.

Tip #1: Correctly using syllable stress

Any language has its own music or tone, depending on its people. It also goes to show that the tone of English is different as that of Chinese. Hence, when newbie Chinese students speak English, they tend to verbalize it in their own tone. The result would be a sentence that couldn’t be understood even if it is spoken correctly.

English is normally verbalized in a singsong manner. Chinese language on the other hand is more of a flat, equally chunked group of words with the same pitch and stress. Thus, Chinese English usually results to a flat, evenly stressed pronunciation of words.Birmy International English does not only focus on translating the English language, but honing pronunciations as well.

Tip #2: Stretching and relieving tensions on the mouth

One of the most effective ways of letting Chinese students fully grasp the English language is to stretch and move their mouths in a manner that could stress out vowels and consonants. A good example of this is the “th” sound which requiresputting the tip of the tongue just behind the two front teeth. Also, another commonly mispronounced sound is the “Ɛ” and the “ǣ.”

Tip #3: Placing pauses in correct sentence locations to maintain speed of voice

Not properly placing pauses in sentences could result to a flat and hurried speech that could not be fully understood. Teaching English to Chinese students require pauses and into nations to stress a point. Also, pauses help minimize errors in speaking the English language.

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