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Birmy Education Reviews: How to Teach English to Students in China

Teaching English to Chinese students have serious implications due to the large differences between the two languages. However, it is also a well-known fact that more and more Chinese people are learning English due to the promising benefits this can bring in terms of education, business and personal development. Birmy International English School is just one of the top institutions utilizing a comprehensive approach in teaching the English language to Chinese students.

A Quick Knowledge on the Chinese Language

The Chinese people don’t have an alphabet similar to the English language. Instead, they utilize a logographic system. This refers to using pictures and logos as an entire word, in contrast to the English language which utilizes a group of letters to create a word. As a start, this factor is one of the major concerns posing a difficulty in learning English, especially when it comes to speaking.

Chinese people also speak words in monotone, relieving the importance of stress and emotions when saying an English word. This is due to the fact that a single change in the tone of speaking a word gives off a different meaning in Chinese language. In English, the stress being emphasized on a sentence gives off the emotion behind it.

There are no articles utilized in the Chinese language. Chinese students who are still labeled as beginners have a hard time grasping the differences and meanings behind the words a, an and the. There are also no possessive word counterparts on the Chinese language. Hence, when someone says “Anne’s house,” this is commonly translated by Chinese students as “The house of Anne.”

Taking Gradual Steps in Teaching the English Language

Just like all educational institutions,Birmy Head Office emphasizes categorizing students according to their knowledge and mastery on the English language. This makes it possible to teach students in groups according to their ability to grasp the learnings imparted inside the classroom.

Birmy education reviews speak of certain fun activities teachers can implement inside the classroom to inspire learning among the students. Using pictures complement the Chinese way of logo graphic system, making it more interesting for everyone. Flash cards are just some of the top visual aids to use inside the classroom.

Other strategies include implementing a daily question and answer activity among students to ensure that communication and impromptu knowledge is being exercised. It also helps to assure students that it is entirely okay to make mistakes when answering, as this can help students correct errors and improve their English vocabulary.

Birmy International English School is just one of the major institutions utilizing a comprehensive and holistic approach in teaching Chinese students the English language. Backed with well-researched lesson plans, teaching strategies and high-quality learning, Birmy School continues to be an exemplary avenue for Chinese education.