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Birmy Education Reviews: Interesting Facts about China You Need to Know

Many of those who send in their applications to the Birmy head office to get a job as an ESL teacher has one thing in mind – make money and travel the wonderful country of China. It’s not surprising that many people from the West go to China to learn more about its culture, its history, and of course, its food. China is a diverse country, and it is one place you shouldn’t skip if you are to travel the world.

By going over some Birmy education group reviews online, you will learn some interesting facts about China and the Chinese people. Below are some of the realizations by those who have spent a couple of months in China.

When you show interest in the local culture, you can expect Chinese people to open up more.

Some people would say that China isn’t the best place to make friends with the locals because Chinese people are not very accommodating to people from the West. Just like in any other countries, it could take you some time to make friends with the local people. You need to show that you are interested in their culture, their rich history, and even their language so that they will be encouraged to make even short conversations with you. Once they feel your sincerity about learning everything about them, Chinese people can be very friendly.

Not everything said in media is true.

A lot of negative things are said about China, especially by Western media. While some of what they say about this country is true, many are inaccurately reported. For instance, it is said that most cities in China are very polluted. In bigger cities like Beijing and Shanghai, of course you can hardly smell some fresh air, but there are so many other cities apart from these two where you will enjoy living with less pollution. China is a lot different from many Western countries, but it doesn’t make them less desirable to live in.

Food is in itself a culture.

Chinese food is undoubtedly among the most varied food on Earth. Each and every province in China has their own cuisine and specialties. Beef, pork and chicken are all available here, but you’ll be amazed at their other popular dishes, such as steamed frog, fried insects, and so on.


There are way too many things you will discover in China that you will only know about after you have visited and stayed in the country for a few months. After you read a couple of Birmy education reviews online, you’ll see that discovering China is always one of the best things about living and working as an ESL teacher in China.