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Birmy Education Reviews: The Process Behind Birmy’s English Language Teaching Strategy

The challenge with English teachers in China mainly goes down to the country’s diverse culture which affects the learning needs of its people. It is not enough to teach Chinese students the basics of the English language, there is also a need to provide proper instructions that will enable them to adapt the right syllables and rhythms in speaking proper English. Let’s take a look at these Birmy education reviews and find out some strategies straight from the archives.

Understanding the Chinese Language

Chinese language is monosyllabic –which as the name says,has only one syllable.  Chinese people tend to mention every syllable in a character. This is far from the English language where there are numerous syllables and some aren’t even clearly pronounced at all when speaking.

An example of this is the sound “th” whichis commonly not pronounced by Chinese people. In some cases, this sound is pronounced as”z” instead. Examples of this include the words “tooth” “breathe” and “booth” just to name a few.

Chinese students commonly encounter difficulty when pronouncing clusters of consonants such as dr, pl and tr. Theseare apparent in the words “drop” “plot” and “trap.”

Birmy International English emphasizes the need to provide oral exercises to students just to loosen up the tension and twist the tongue into producing sounds which are uncommon for Chinese people. Since most Chinese learners tend to pronounce every syllable in a word distinctively, they are constantly reminded that English is complex and not all words are being spoken in the same manner as everything else’s.

Literally Translating Everything into English

Birmy Head Office emphasizes on its constituents the importance of teaching students proper comprehension of the English language. This includes reminding students that English is not a language that should be translated word per word. This is a common issue noted by students when teaching English to Chinese students.

Most teaching strategies from Birmy education group reviews include exposing the class to topics which they are comfortable with in order for them to gather more knowledge about different experiences and express them in a conversational form to build their confidence.

Also, sensitivity to some issue is a trademark Chinese trait. Avoid talking to them about strong issues on politics and their neighboring countries. Instead, focus on teaching them basic English conversations that are necessary for their day-to-day use. This could be a big deal for them considering that they are building more and more confidence once they know how to answer random topics and events.

Chinese students need a different approach for learning. However, with the right patience and teaching strategy, it is not long after Chinese students get the hang of the right speaking, writing and reading skills that can propel them to global competitiveness.

Birmy International English School offers a collective approach to teaching Chinese students to be globally competitive in the English language. With highly knowledgeable teachers and an effective educational system, it offers numerous ways for students to be the best versions of themselves in the global arena.