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Birmy Education Reviews the Processes to Create an Excellent English Lesson Plan

There has been an increase in the demand for English teachers at these times. Other nations have come to know the worth of learning English and how it can create change in a person’s life especially on making someone competitive in a global aspect. That is why the Birmy Education Group Reviews gave some of the most important tips in order to create a very conducive environment for learning, speaking, reading and writing English.

Steps in Making Your Lesson Plan

First and foremost, you must be able to identify who your students are. There is a big difference when you are teaching kids or adults. Always remember that the kids have a shorter attention span than adults. A conversational lesson plan could be fitted for adults while flashcards with pictures are ideal for children. It would be very awkward to allow the adults learn and sing nursery rhymes while starting a lesson. Just imagine how uncomfortable would that be.

According to the Birmy head office, kids are natural language acquirers. All you have to do is to make your teaching more fun and enjoyable. They should not feel any pressure in learning this language even if it might be a little tough at first. They suggest that you should have an icebreaker to children before starting a lesson. After which, you can conduct different games and activities and give prizes for those who did their best. As for the adults, they can learn faster when they will be able to talk about themselves and ask questions to other students too.

As a teacher, you must know the importance of having a clear focus on the needs of your target audience. A teacher must be able to think through the different wants of the student while developing their own lesson plans.

After you have identified your students, you must then develop a plan. Birmy education reviews state the importance of planning in achieving success when teaching English. The planning stage will always be the blueprint of any process. You should be able to ask yourself first, “What do you want them to learn at the end of the class you have conducted?”. If you want to be more specific, you could breakdown the details on their learning in categories of comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. You have to take into consideration that these students are beginners. So, you have to be very cautious on the lesson plan you will be making.

Next question would be, “What are the skills they need to enhance or develop as their language goals?”. This is an essential question you should be asking in order to evaluate the efficiency of your lesson plan.

Lastly, you should be able to brainstorm the creative process you could incorporate in the English lesson plan. This is a vital phase wherein you should be able to establish a word file to keep track all of your ideas, as stated by the Birmy International English School. When you have done this, you are good to go teaching students English.

Birmy International English School is an institution equipped with excellent teaching strategies and highly competitive staffs and professors that teach the English language to Chinese students. Backed with an impressive track record in teaching, Birmy offers excellent English education to the Chinese population.