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Birmy English – Biggest Challenges Faced by ESL Teachers Working in China

Teaching in itself is a very challenging job, and things can be much tougher for those who teach English as a second language abroad, particularly at Birmy International English School in China. There are many challenges and difficulties that ESL teachers must overcome. If you work in China as a teacher, you’re likely to experience culture shock, homesickness, and other issues related to living and working in an unfamiliar place.

Below are some of the most common challenges faced by today’s ESL teachers:


Many foreign teachers go to China expecting that they will be picked up at the airport and will be taken immediately to their own decent apartment. But oftentimes, they find themselves traveling to their place of employment by themselves, and having to share a small room with other teachers. This is one situation that causes many ESL teachers to feel very frustrated and disappointed with their employers.

Luckily, this isn’t something you should be worried about when you go to Birmy English School. The management and staff at Birmy always make sure that their teachers are treated with respect, and so they try to give their teachers whatever it is that’s stated in the contract. ESL teachers at Birmy English school are provided with various options in terms of accommodation, just to make sure they will be in a place that is comfortable for them.

Bad Managers

Bad managers are present in almost every company and organization. But if living in a different country stresses you out so much, and you’re also having a hard time adjusting to a new culture, then having a bad manager certainly won’t help.

If the problem is caused by a manager who has poor management skills, then there’s almost nothing that you can do. However, if the problem is due to some misunderstandings or differences in culture, then you need to do something about it. Keep in mind that you are a guest in their country, so you should take the initiative to make things better between you and the management. When you work at Birmy English, you’ll appreciate the fact that the management is always open for communication with their teachers. This means that you will always have a chance to talk about whatever concerns you have with regards to how things are conducted at work.

Culture Shock

It’s too hard to be fully integrated into a foreign culture. No matter how hard you try to get used to your new environment, there will always be situations that will make you realize how much you’ve missed home and how much you want to be home. In any Birmy School review that you will find online, you’ll read stories about how ESL teachers in China have to adjust to a very different culture. The good thing is that at Birmy, you’ll be working with a number of other foreign teachers who will give you many reasons to love being in a country as amazing as China.