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Birmy English: Learning the 4 Vital Elements of the English Language

The Birmy School Review  always emphasize the four fundamental elements of English language that one should learn about. These four are speaking, listening and writing. Each element has its own advantage when learned and these could be your key in order to have better communication skills and opportunities where linguistic advantages are concerned. This article would enlighten your mind why learning English is important especially when applied to these 4 vital elements.

Looking through the Four Vital Elements of English

ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers would usually take speaking as the topmost priority among the other four since communicating verbally is the most common mode of communication. This is very important especially when you aspire to have a job that involves public communication or engagement with the community. Having the proficiency in the English language gives you an edge. Plus, it could serve as a useful tool in helping you master the art of talking in front of the public, persuading others and boosting your confidence.

If ever you get hired to be working internationally such as by the United Nations or Unicef, spoken English would be a major prerequisite. Having a friend who is a native English speaker would be a big help in improving your speaking skills as well as indulging yourself through stage plays, orations and declamations.

The Birmy School review  center also suggests mastery of an individual’s listening skills. A basic lesson in communication states that there must be an active speaker and listener. Speaking and listening actually goes hand in hand in any form of communication. Hence, your speaking skills would simply be put to waste if you happen to be a passive listener. One method of learning the art of listening is by constant watching of American movies as well as listening to English songs every day.

Another important element that you should focus on is reading. Being able to pronounce, enunciate, and know the proper stresses as well as full awareness of the accent are the things worth learning. And most of all, you as a learner should be able to comprehend what you have read. Otherwise, it would be useless. Birmy English School suggests starting with illustrated books that have large fonts and images in it. It might be suited for the younger ones but these simple things can be achieved step by step.

Lastly, Birmy English School recommends that writing skills should also be developed like any other element. In these times where misuse of words is being practiced in texting and using abbreviated chat messages, it becomes a bad writing habit to some and eventually becomes a part of their lifestyle. That is why it would be ideal to stick to the basic technicalities of writing through regular homework and essays. Handing out templates, bibliography and writing style guides are a big help too.

Birmy International English School is a renowned English institute in China. Run by an effective and professional team of educators, Birmy continues to be one of the innovators in the English language.