Birmy English School and Other Teaching Jobs in China

If you have plans of going abroad to find employment and have adventure at the same time, a good option is to become an ESL teacher at Birmy International English School in China. China is one of the best destinations for foreign teachers who want to take advantage of the growing demand for English teachers all over the world. So, what are the English teaching jobs you can apply for in China?

There are various types of ESL teaching jobs in China, and each of them has their own sets of requirements, benefits, and merits. Read on to have a better understanding of the teaching jobs you can apply for in China.

Teaching Jobs in Public Schools

The Chinese government has created a general curriculum that must be followed by all public schools in the country. Basically, the government wants every public school to have a native English teacher to make sure that students, even the younger ones, learn the English language.

Considering the huge number of students in China, getting an ESL teaching job in public schools in China is fairly simple. But then again, you want to find one that will pay you on time, and will also offer medical and housing benefits. Thus, it’s important that you do enough research first so you could end up in the right public school.

Teaching Jobs in Private Language Schools

With the emergence of the middle class in China, it’s not surprising that so many private language schools have opened in the country. Many adult Chinese people enrol in business English classes to have an opportunity for career advancement. Children are also sent to these schools like Birmy English School to have supplemental lessons in English.

Although the demand for English teachers in private language schools is really high, you have to expect a lot of competition as well. If you want to work for a prestigious school like Birmy English School, then you must meet their criteria for hiring teachers – formal teaching experience of at least 2 years or TEFL certificate, and a college degree.

Teaching Jobs in College and University

This is not the most popular option for Westerners who want to work as ESL teachers in China. That’s because university jobs often don’t pay well. However, the career path for university or college teachers can be very attractive for native English speakers. This can be a long term job for you if you want.


When it comes to English teaching jobs in China, the options are endless. But then again, you want to go to a school where you can have financial stability and where all your needs as a foreign worker will be met. Take a look at some Birmy education reviews to have an idea about the working situations of ESL teachers at Birmy English School.