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Birmy English School – How to Find Inexpensive ESL Teaching Materials

Now that you have been officially hired as an ESL teacher at Birmy International English School, you must begin preparing for your impending trip to China. There are several things you need to have with you to make sure you’ll have a great and comfortable stay in China. Aside from some personal items, it’s recommended that you also take with you some good ESL teaching materials.

Unfortunately, most ESL lesson plans and books are quite costly, so it’s not always practical to spend on your money on such items. The good thing is that there are several ways you can find inexpensive teaching materials for your ESL classes. All you need to do is be very resourceful and extra creative.

Here are some tips for finding affordable ESL teaching materials:

  1. Use other ESL teachers as resources.

Your co-teachers at Birmy English School can be a great source of your teaching materials. Even after teaching for a couple of years, there will still be days when you just have no idea what to teach. That’s why it’s important that you talk with other teachers so you can get some inspiration from what they do inside the class.

  1. The Internet is another rich source of information.

The Internet has got to be your best friend when it comes to preparing your lesson plans. There are so many websites that offer a wide variety of English class materials. What’s good about the Internet is that you can find not only reading materials. There you can get tons of practice sheets for your students, and you can choose which ones are appropriate for the age range of your students.

Aside from worksheets, you should also utilize videos and audio files in your ESL class. Videos are an excellent tool to keep your students interested and engaged in class. This is very important especially if your students are young because they are the ones that easily get bored and distracted in class.

  1. Use do-it-yourself ESL teaching materials.

With enough creativity, you can always create your own teaching materials for your classes at Birmy English. You can check the Internet to get some ideas if you’re not sure what to make, and you can easily customize them to suit your ESL class. If you want your students to watch videos, you can just pick a movie or any clip that you think will be easy for your students to understand.

To get some good pieces of advice from former and current ESL teachers in China, look for a good Birmy School review online. There you can learn a lot from the experiences other teachers had during their stay in China.