Birmy English School Is the Best Place for Teachers in China

About Birmy English School

Birmy English School offers quality English training solutions individuals and enterprises as well. It has quickly expanded from Zhejiang Province to Hunan Province, and other surrounding areas.

Birmy is committed to providing advanced learning and training in the English language to all levels – adults, teenagers, and children. Birmy English School also consists of departments that specialize in research that aims to develop methodologies and systems that will lead to a more effective English language study.

Teaching Jobs at Birmy

Birmy School Review acknowledges that the greatest asset of any English school are the teachers. And thus, the instructors at Bormy are given all the support they need to perform their jobs easily and effectively.

Birmy English School offers one of the best employment packages in the industry for English teachers.

Competitive Teaching Salary

The remuneration of teaching jobs at Birmy is based on local costs, and is determined to specifically offer teachers a very comfortable standard of living. Many teachers at Birmy enjoy social activities, traveling, dining out in the evenings, and even quality housekeeping services.

Settlement and Relocation Assistance

Upon arrival, teachers are given a warm welcome at the airport by one of Birmy’s staff. Teachers will not have to worry about accommodation because they will have their housing provided. Otherwise, they will be invited to stay in a hotel until they find a suitable place to stay in.

Work Permits and Teaching Visas

Birmy English School is a reputable organization that offers legal teaching jobs in China. Birmy makes sure their teachers work in China with legal working papers. Birmy will also assist its teachers in arranging all necessary documents for employment.

Continuous Training for Teachers

Birmy is committed to the continuous development of their teachers, and so they offer on-going teacher training. The school has the right personnel that helps teachers develop their skills and competencies. New teachers also undergo a new teacher orientation program that involves an in-depth discussion of the curriculum, methodology, resources, and courses. All these are meant to guide teachers in honing and preparing their skills so that they may become effective English teachers to Chinese students.

Chinese Language Lessons

Another important advantage of working at Birmy English School as an English teacher is to have the opportunity to learn the Chinese language. Teachers who want to be familiar with this amazing language can attend language classes offered in the school.

Public Holidays and Paid Vacations

Although holiday schedules differ from year to year, teachers at Birmy English School under a 12 month contract are eligible for 10 days of paid vacation each year. This is in addition to the national holidays and public holidays when no classes are held.