Birmy English School: Simple Strategies for Teaching English to ESL Students

English is a global language that opens a lot of doors of possibilities especially to individuals who want to be globally competitive. Hence, there is a rise in the number of ESL (English as a Secondary Language) students especially in countries where English is not the native tongue of the entire population. As an institution that offers English education to students living in China, Birmy Education Group Reviews suggests a list of strategies that can be implemented in order to give fellow educators a chance at providing high level of English education to ESL students.

Understanding the Country and Its People

If you are a teacher currently teaching abroad in another country, you need to fully understand the culture and its people behind it. Knowing the basic social norms of the society is the first step in learning how you are going to go about your teaching process. In this case, Birmy English  Institute teachers are often advised to avoid speaking about “hot” topics to students especially when this concerns the government, religion and other strong political views and opinions.

Certain nationalities have a built-in “native” way of saying words and phrases, making it a focal point in teaching. An example of this is the letter /v/. Chinese people have a difficulty in pronouncing this letter as it is hard for them to hold the upper lip while pursing the lower lip to form the consonant. Hence, words such as “love” “dove” “have” might be pronounced as “lobe” “dobe” or “lowe” “dowe” and “hawe.”

Plotting Your Teaching Strategy According to Your Student’s Pace and Understanding

In order for your teaching strategy to be effective, you need to pattern your lessons according to your individual student’s learning capacity, proficiency in the language as well as educational history. Birmy International English School  stresses the importance of replacing difficult words with simpler ones as one cardinal rule you need to follow.

Establishing a personal approach to students can help and this can be done by correctly pronouncing the student’s name, asking them about their day and listening attentively to what they have to say. In order to be on the same page as your students, you need to establish a communication channel with your students in terms of their understanding of the lessons. This can be done by asking them to write down all the things they have learned as well as those they didn’t understand before ending the class. Utilizing this approach will give you a basis as to how your students were able to comprehend your lessons during the day.

Birmy School review  forums suggest teachers to be in-depth in learning more about their students on a personal level to provide a distinct approach to teaching. Knowing the capacity of a student to comprehend and grasp the lessons according to their level of proficiency provides enough basis for plotting a strategy for learning.

Birmy International English School is an institution equipped with excellent teaching strategies and highly competitive professors teaching the English language to Chinese students. Backed with an impressive track record in education, Birmy offers excellent English learning to the Chinese population.