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Birmy English School – Tips for Avoiding ESL Job Scams

If you’re planning to teach English abroad, particularly in Birmy International English School in China, the Internet will be your best starting point. There are many job boards online that will make it easier for ESL teachers like you to find a good teaching job with the right employers. You should know, however, that not all of the job posts you will find have the intention of hiring teachers. Yes, many scam English schools out there are looking for their victims online.

Remember the following tips when you look for an ESL job abroad to avoid getting scammed:

  1. Be aware and analyze job offers.

The most common victims of scams are those who are newly certified and are way too excited to get a job. Since they love the idea of working abroad, they apply to as many job ads as they can without really thinking about the credibility of the employers posting the ads.

When you look at different job posts, you must analyze each one carefully. If the job appears too good to be true, then it’s possible that it’s a scam. For instance, an ESL teaching job that offers higher that $2000 a month is suspicious. If possible, you should communicate with the employer by phone or email, or visit the school’s website. Look for any proof that the school really exists. When you go to the website of Birmy International English School, you will find all the information you need that proves this school really exists.

  1. Read as many school reviews as possible.

Just like when you’re shopping online, reading product reviews is important in ensuring you’re getting the right product. If you are to apply for an English teaching job in China, you should first look around so you could find the most reputable ones. There are many online forums where ESL teachers in China share their experiences, and they also give out tips on how interested applicants can find a good employer in China.

  1. Never pay to be accepted for a job.

Finding an ESL job in China is just like getting a job in your own country. If you are being asked by an employer for money so you could work for them, this is a clear sign of a scam. Take note that the only thing you should pay for is your plane ticket and your visa.

What you should look for are schools like Birmy English School which will offer to reimburse you for your plane ticket, and will also offer to pay for your visa. When you apply for a job at Birmy, you won’t even have to worry about your accommodation because they will be the one to prepare for it for you.