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Birmy English School: Tips for Avoiding ESL Scams

If you have already landed a job in Birmy International English School in China, it’s safe to say that you made the right choice. Birmy is one of the most popular English institutes in China and is also considered an ideal destination for foreign teachers. But for those who are still in search for a place to teach ESL in, there are a couple of things they need to keep in mind to avoid becoming a victim of ESL scams.

There are many ESL schools overseas and all of them seem to offer the best packages to ESL teachers. So how are you supposed to know which of them are legitimate and which ones are a scam?

Here are some important guidelines to follow when search for an ESL school abroad:

Do Some Research on the Country You Want to Teach In

It’s important that you know as much information as you can about the country where you want to work as an ESL teacher. There are a lot of websites that will provide you with information on visa requirements, average teaching salary, standard working hours, and others. Reading a Birmy School review, for instance, is helpful because former and current teachers at Birmy tend to share their experience through online forums and reviews.

Search for Job Openings on Reputable Online Listings Only

Fake online job postings are a common scam. You need to use Google to do a thorough check of a school’s background information. There are several blogs and even Facebook groups that contain information about legitimate ESL schools in different countries. Take note that the credibility of the online job listing is an indicator of whether a school is legit or not.

Avoid Teaching Positions That Require No Interviews

It might excite you to apply for a job that doesn’t require any interview, but you should realize that it’s actually one obvious sign of a scam. Legitimate English schools like Birmy English School need to know first the skills their applicants have. Although native English speakers are fluent in English, they are not guaranteed to have the right teaching skills, and this is what employers can discover through interviews.

Remember that You Don’t Have to Pay Upfront to Get a Job

Another common sign of an ESL scam is when applicants are required to pay a huge amount of money for the processing of their applications. Reliable institutes are actually the ones that typically spend for their teachers’ visa processing and even plane ticket. So if you’re asked to pay money during the application process, there’s a huge possibility that you’re dealing with a scammer.

Applying for a teaching job at Birmy English School in China is an easy process if you have all the qualifications required for the position. You can also rest assured that you’re applying for a reputable and legitimate language school.