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Birmy International English: How English Is Being Taught to Chinese Students

English is a global language which when learned, offers a lot of opportunities for work, business and even interpersonal relationships with other people. It is no wonder why plenty of Chinese citizens are currently enrolling in schools for the purpose of learning English despite various difficulties and major differences in language form and uses. Birmy International English School is just among the long list of schools offering English programs for the purpose of expanding Chinese knowledge and mastery on the language.

The Most Common Problems Faced by Chinese Students

According to the Birmy Head Office, the most common problems faced by Chinese students are based on the complete differences between the English and Chinese language. Chinese language does not make use of articles such as a, an and the. Plus, there is no alphabet utilized by Chinese people, only words which are then used in a sentence.

Another issue involves the inability to pronounce certain letters and interchanging them with other words. This includes the letters r and l. Hence, it is common to hear students say the word “lays” instead of “rays.”

Birmy education group reviews would usually speak of difficulties of instructors in teaching the language to Chinese students mainly because of the huge contrast between Mandarin and English. As a point, changes in the stress of saying a word alters its meaning in the Chinese point of view, as opposed to the English way of varying the stress of a word to show an emotion.

Simple Ways to Teach English on a Gradual Method

One of the simplest ways to help Chinese students gradually learn about English is to make use of tongue twisters as a method of relaxing the tongue and pronounce words which are difficult for Chinese people to enunciate.

Birmy education reviews do not only explain the different experiences of English teachers in the Chinese environment, it also speaks of a lot of struggles undergone by Chinese students when it comes to overcoming barriers to communication and learning.

The main point in teaching English is doing it in a way that relieves Chinese people from the limitations and overfamiliarity of their language and welcoming them to newer changes associated with English. Learning can be done with the use of conversational communication to help correct underlying limitations to speaking, writing and reading the English language.

Birmy International English School is a home to Chinese students seeking knowledge and expertise in English. With competent and effective methods of teaching, BIrmy School continues to be one of the most reputable institutions of learning and excellence.