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Birmy International English: Immersion in English is Good

According to a lot of research, there is a very crucial period in the fields of psycholinguistics and cognitive psychology that we must expose ourselves to particular language in order to be considered as a native speaker of it. This is an example of immersion wherein you immerse yourself to that dialect to be proficient in speaking it. This kind of style is encouraged by the Birmy International English.

The Beauty of Immersion

Chinese are one of those who are very eager to learn English and would take all measures in order to expose themselves in this lesson. With the use of immersion, a person would be able to speak the language naturally and without an accent. In this kind of theory, the crucial period is classically the first six years of life as a human being. It is known that students who are exposed to a foreign language from the age of six until the puberty stage will experience an increased difficulty with that particular language.

The difficulty is somehow focused on the grammar and pronunciation aspect. This is what the Birmy Head Office has found out. If someone exposes himself to that particular foreign language after his puberty stage, it would be a tough situation to be in. It would be a rare case if that person learns that native language successfully. In most cases, failure to follow the first six years of life would still leave an accent while speaking. It could also cause idiosyncratic errors in grammar. Those students who were not exposed to English after six years of age are actually having a hard time in immersing the English language.  This is because they can’t do away with the characteristics of their first language. The difficulty in the area of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary are very prevalent. That is why this article, together with the help of Birmy Education group reviews, was created in order to help Chinese learn English in a faster and effective way.

Aside from these things, you could also seek for online help regarding this area of concern. We all know that the online world has been the revolutionary place for massive learning. The Birmy Education reviews actually have a set of pointers in order to learn the Basic English language in a faster way. The topics would range from learning the proper way of spelling words, avoiding incorrect grammar, expanding your vocabulary usage and overall accent when speaking the English language. These things would be a great tool for you to be considered globally competitive once you are proficient in the world of speaking English.  And you’ll definitely say, English hasn’t been this fun!

Birmy International English School is a top performer in providing English classes to Chinese students in China. With excellent curriculums and platforms for easy understanding of the English language, Birmy continues to provide unparalleled services to their learners.