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Birmy International English School Basics: Teaching Strategies for ESL Teachers

ESL or English as a Secondary Language teachers should have enough patience teaching students who may little to none, don’t understand English at all. While learning can be challenging for students, a teacher’s job should be focused on making the entire process easier to a basic level. Birmy International English School shares a couple of tips for teachers to follow in terms of educating students especially those who have little background on the English language.

Speaking the English Language

When teaching students how to speak English, it is important to do it in a question and answer manner. However, make sure that your questions are easy to understand. Using a conversational tone when speaking is the most effective way of developing and improving their English speaking skills. Simple questions such as “Where do you live?” “How was your day?” “What is your name?” and “How do you feel now?” are good conversation starters.

Individual Needs of Students Are Equally Important

In order for a teaching strategy to be effective, it should be student-centered, according to the Birmy English School Institution. There is a need to fully base your teaching plan on the student’s level of English proficiency as well as educational history. This is to ensure that the student is capable of coping with the lessons taught in school along with other learners in the same category.

Verify Your Class’ Understanding

Before even proceeding to the next lesson, you have to know if your students were able to understand all that you have previously discussed. Birmy School review forums state the importance of having students write down in a piece of paper all the things they have learned — and found difficult learning during the course of the day. Knowing these facts can help pave the lessons to be taught during the next class.

Slow Pronunciation Is the Key

Chinese individuals have a different language, hence, influencing how they learn to speak and write in English. In some occasions, there are certain vowels and consonants that are difficult for them to pronounce, making it necessary to have them repeat their words in a slow manner. Your job as a teacher is to listen closely to what they are saying. From there, your next logical step is to correct any mispronounced words and statements.

Birmy English School explains the importance of individualizing a teaching strategy for the specific needs of each student. This means focusing on their individual needs especially those who are taking in English as their secondary language.

Birmy International English School is an English institution equipped with excellent teaching plans and highly competitive educators. Backed with an impressive track record in teaching, Birmy offers excellent English education to the Chinese population.