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Birmy International English School – How ESL Teachers Should Deal with Challenges in Class

In any ESL class anywhere in the world, like in China’s Birmy International English School, teachers are confronted with a number of problems and challenges. Is it at all possible to avoid them? Probably not. But there’s definitely a way ESL teachers like you can prepare for them.

Below are the most common problems you’ll likely face as an ESL teacher, and some tips on how you can deal with them:

  1. Students speak their language more than English.

As you can see in most Birmy education group reviews, ESL teachers find it hard to deal with students who prefer to speak in Chinese language during their English class. Especially if you’re teaching young students, this is something you’ll surely experience.

What you can do as a teacher is to make your class more fun and interesting so that your students will be motivated to speak in English. Prepare games, for instance, wherein your students need to explore their vocabulary and put everything they have learned to practice.

  1. Students control and dominate the class.

In every class, there is a student or are students who tend to dominate the class. They come into class feeling so excited about something and they can’t wait to talk to everyone about it. They often end up using up so much class time.

When you have students like that, you should first encourage them to talk about what’s making them excited. But if you feel that such free-talking is taking much time already, don’t hesitate to cut them and thank them for sharing their experience with the class.

  1. Students tend to be too dependent.

There are many ESL students who are likely to be too dependent on their teacher as well. These are the students who will seek your help all the time and are always reluctant to do things on their own.

One common advice from teachers that you’ll find in Birmy education reviews is to empower students so that they may feel they have the ability to learn the English language. Be a good motivator to your students so they will also start to believe in their own skills.

  1. Students are bored during class.

It’s often hard for Chinese students to focus during their ESL class. Thus, teachers need to prepare activities that will make students enjoy the class. Otherwise, learning will also be difficult because students tend to be easily distracted.

If your students are bored, it means that you are boring. That’s the truth. That’s why you need to come to class prepared with various fun activities and materials. Birmy head office, in particular, make it a point to help their teachers prepare for their class to ensure that they will be effective ESL teachers.