Birmy International English School: Interesting Facts about China You Should Know

When you’ve decided to work in China, particularly in Birmy International English School, you have to be ready to encounter many things that are not familiar to you. Whether or not you are aware of Chinese culture, it’s likely that you will experience culture shock. In this post, you will learn about some of the things that may surprise you about Chinese culture.

Squat Toilets

One of the things that are easily noticed by foreigners in China are the public toilets, where you have to squat and not sit on the seat. Most people from the West find it strange to see a hole in the restroom floor where they should do their business.

Lack of Personal Space

You will hardly enjoy privacy and personal space in China. Perhaps this is because of the large population in the country. Thus, whenever you travel to different cities, you should expect to encounter huge crowds, especially when you travel by bus or train.

Umbrellas Used in Sunshine

As a teacher in Birmy English School in China, you might see other Chinese teachers and even students using their umbrellas on a sunny day. You might think it’s strange because back home, everyone enjoys the sunshine. The difference in China is that people, especially women, believe that having whiter skin is essential to be considered beautiful. Thus, they make sure they have their umbrellas when it’s too hot and sunny outside.

Restaurant Norms

When you go to a restaurant in China, one thing you will notice is the noise in the surroundings. Unlike in Western countries where restaurants have a calming environment where people can have conversations, things are much different in China. Also, you shouldn’t expect to see spoon and fork on the table, but chopsticks and a spoon instead.

Time Management

Western people are used to being on time, and it is also common for them to calculate the amount of time required for something so that they can be more efficient. Chinese people manage their time in a different way. For instance, it is common for them to spend hours in a meeting, which is often longer than necessary. This is because Chinese people are very relaxed, and they enjoy spending time with people.

Strong Family Bonds

Chinese people have really strong family bonds. As such, it’s common to see grandparents looking after their grandchildren. This is different from Western culture where children are taught and expected to be independent when they reach a certain age.

Teaching ESL in China is a lot of fun, but in order for you to adjust more easily to a different lifestyle there, you should be prepared to encounter a different culture. Reading some Birmy education reviews would help grow your awareness of the different aspects of Chinese culture that you will have to get used to.