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Birmy International English School: The Deal With Teaching English to Chinese Students

Teaching the English language to Chinese students is just like any profession, but — with a twist. Chinese people have their own cultural and political history which affects how they take their classes seriously as well as interact with their teachers and fellow students. Working at Birmy International English School could bring about a lot of insights in anyone’s professional teaching career, mainly because of the different strategies you need to apply in order to complement the Chinese culture.

On a teacher’s point of view, there are some things you need to understand and anticipate especially when offered an opportunity to teach abroad. However as a student, here are some ways on how learning English in China can be one of the most empowering choices you could ever make.

Chinese People Take Their Day Seriously

Chinese students are perhaps one of the most workaholic people in the world. It is not surprising to observe different age levels start their day at an early time and end it late in the evening. Usually after school, they would have other plans left for the day and these would include either helping their parents with work or taking up late night English classes to further step-up their knowledge.

Chinese Students Are Normally Hesitant and Quiet in Class

While this may not entirely apply to everyone, Chinese students are normally known to be passive when it comes to participating in class discussions. This does not mean they aren’t listening though. They are just too shy and sometimes, hesitant to answer questions for fear they might lose face in front of other people.

Make Sure to Have a Good Knowledge of the Area and School Branches Where You Are Assigned

This counts as a basic yet important knowledge to keep in mind. This school has different branches but the Birmy head office is in Taizhou. Accommodation could be something which you need to consider depending on the location. This is to ensure that you as a teacher won’t get lost or fall trap in false expectations once you arrive in the area. Know your way in the neighborhood and confirm with the school before deciding to give it a go.

Check Out the School Curriculum

This point is for students and teachers who want to check out the performance of the school they want to be in. For one, educational materials should be up to par and of high standards. This way, it would be easier to teach or master the English language on a level convenient for learning.Birmy education group reviews and other English school forums are good sources for you to learn what to expect before signing up to the system.

Being a global language, English is slowly becoming a high demand in Asian countries who are stepping up their standards with interacting with the rest of the world. Birmy International English School is focused on excellenceto provide high-quality education to Chinese students.