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Birmy International English School: The Experience of Teaching English to Chinese Students

English is a language being utilized by people to communicate on a global level. However, for some countries in the world, knowing this language can propel one’s personal and professional advancement in terms of communicating and interacting on an international scale. Chinese citizens are just among the list of these countries seeking more improvement in terms of speaking English. With Birmy International English School opening its doors to the Chinese population, learning English is now achievable and attainable.

Chinese Language In A Nutshell

70% percent of Chinese people speak Mandarin as their mother tongue. There is a huge difference between English and Chinese language in terms of alphabet, phonetics, grammar and vocabulary. This huge difference makes English one of the most challenging languages for Chinese people to learn. This too counts as one of the many reasons why English teachers need a lot of patience when it comes to teaching Chinese students the basics of English.

Chinese people don’t have an alphabet, but pattern these according to symbols. These are not composed of alphabets or letters, contrary to the English language. Another Birmy English strategy of learning involves teaching Chinese students the fundamentals of the English language in terms of using stress and intonation to express a point or an emotion. This is contrary to Chinese language where words vary their meanings depending on the stress used to pronounce a word.

Birmy English School combines English speaking, reading and writing to provide a compounded lesson plan for Chinese students to learn the language. Just like any educational system, the difficulty of the lessons is arranged in a manner that coincides with the student’s ability to speak, read and write speak English.

Simple Exercises to Teach Chinese Students the Proper Way of Learning English

There are easier ways to approach learning even with Chinese students who have a hard time learning English. Providing visual aides are the first on the list. However, this should be accompanied by slow and patient teaching plans to help students grasp a full knowledge of the language. Tongue twisters and oral exercises are also some of the simple yet fun ways to start the class.

Question and answer exercises are just among the long list of exercises that can help. Asking students some questions like “How was your day?” “What did you eat for breakfast?” or “How do you feel right now?” are good topic starters. Accessing some Birmy School review archives can help teachers gain more knowledge about some tips and learning strategies from those who have firsthand experiences in teaching Chinese students.

Birmy International English School is an excellent institution providing highquality English education to Chinese students of all ages. With its top list of instructors, English is now a lesson away from Chinese citizens who want to be competitive on the global market.