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Birmy International English School: Where Professionalism Meets Excellency in Teaching Chinese Students

With the increasing number of Chinese students taking up English literacy exams, it is not surprising to observe a steady rise in the growth of English proficiency schools catering this side of the Asian population. Birmy International English School offers a high quality education to Chinese students looking for ways to improve their efficiency in the English language.

The Chinese Culture Explained Briefly

Chinese education has been a source of wonder to the world. Known for its rigidity and conformity to the traditional laws of its country along with emphasis on exams and firm learning strategies, China yields a competitive learning platform to its people. Teaching the English language yields a certain process of its own especially when it comes to educating Chinese people.

Birmy International School understands this diversity in culture and learning experience. Hence, proper teaching strategies are being implemented to facilitate teaching.

Top Effective Ways in Teaching English Education

  1. Welcome passivity. Expect a lot of silence during classes. The thing is, Chinese people usually have a cautious attitude towards losing face especially when answering questions. While this is a part of their culture, it is best to reassure your students that it is totally okay for them to make mistakes and it is a part of the learning process.
  2. Understand that there is a “Chinese way” of speaking English. This is called Chinglish, or otherwise known as translating word-per-word any sentence or paragraph in a way that makes it difficult to form a correct idea. This can be remedied by gently correcting your student and explaining that the English language is usually understood on a “whole” level and not mainly on a word-per-word basis.
  3. Incorporate a reward system. Since Chinese students have a silent and passive way of interacting in class, it is best to set up a reward system that will encourage them to be more interactive in class, even if it means they sometimes give out the wrong answer.
  4. Keep it impersonal. Or rather, refrain from talking about topics outside politics, religion as well as connections with their neighboring countries. This can spark a misunderstanding since these are topics which Chinese people are sensitive about.

Apart from excellence, Birmy International School understands that English education should be comprised of proper strategies along with variations that adapt to the rigid political background of the Chinese people. It offers a cumulative approach to promote proper English language that is student-centered and result-oriented.