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Birmy International English: Utilizing A Point Program for Speaking English

Obviously, there is a lot more to speaking English confidently than a concrete lesson plan. The highest point of teaching an English beginner on how to speak the language is the actual verbal exchange between the teacher and the student. This 15-point program utilize by some professors at the Birmy International English School has been designed to provide a strong base on providing English basic learners with the most important language skills they need to get going.

Teacher Lesson Plan: An Introduction

When teaching absolute beginners, it is very important to proceed methodically with teaching. Here is a progressive list of points to be taught in order to build up the 15-point lesson plan mentioned above. Most of these points utilized by the Birmy School Review have specific lessons teaching the various grammar and usage skills. In the case of definite and indefinite articles and basic prepositions, the points are taught through assimilation throughout the various lessons, as the explanations required would involve vocabulary skills beyond the means of most absolute beginners.

These exercises may appear simple to you as a teacher. However, you need to remember that as a teacher, your goal is to teach your students in a manner that they can understand. Their learning is your utmost priority and you need to take extra steps to make your lesson as simple yet understandable as you possible as can be. Remember that students are taking very little steps to quickly establish a base on which to build their English speaking skills. Here are some basic pointers to keep in mind, as included in the Birmy English teaching strategy.

Basic 15-Point Learning Plan

  1. Greetings – Introductions
  • Start basic small talk such as ‘How are you?’
  1. Reciting numbers 1 – 100
  • Pronounce numbers, exercise counting skills, mention telephone numbers
  1. Alphabet
  • Recite letters A-Z, state definition of vowels and consonants
  1. Spelling Skills
  • State name &personal information using written and verbal approach
  • State name, telephone number, address
  1. Sense of location
    • Learn how to use this, that, here, there
  2. Basic descriptive adjectives
    • Describe objects in a simple language
  3. Basic prepositions use
    • Use in, at, to, on in a sentence
  4. Difference between singular and plural forms
    • Use some, any, much, many in a sentence
  5. Question Words
    • Use what, when, where, why, which, whose, who, whom in a sentence
  6. Adverbs of Frequency
    • Use adverbs of frequency such as: always, often, sometimes, never in a sentence
  7. Subject Pronouns
    • Use I, You, He, She, It, We, You, They in a sentence
  8. Possessive Adjectives
    • Use My, Your, His, Her, (Its), Our, Your andTheir in a sentence
  9. Names of the most common jobs
    • Recite the most common jobs
  10. Telling the Time
    • Exercise expressions such as ‘in the morning’, ‘in the afternoon’, ‘in the evening’, ‘at night’
  11. Everyday Objects
    • Cite everyday objects commonly used on a daily basis

These Birmyschool review pointers are just some of the most useful ways to generate a better learning process to students who are just learning the English language. Utilizing the above-mentioned ways give students a chance at learning the language on a step-by-step basis.

Birmy International English School offers Chinese students a chance at a better future in mastering the English language. Run by an effective and efficient teaching staff, this institute offers a great teaching strategy for students to be globally competitive in English.