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Birmy School Review on Making a First Day Lesson Plan

Learning English is not as easy as 1, 2 and 3 or A, B and C. This is why a very effective ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher should be able to explain a lesson to his or her students in a manner that can be understood by someone who is learning English on a basic level. Having a proficiency in the English language can be a person’s golden ticket to be considered as globally competitive. An ESL teacher should be able to allow students to familiarize basic topics as well as complex ones within the context of the English language. Here is a ‘first day’ lesson plan created by the Birmy International English School.

Few Pointers to Consider for Your First Lesson Plan

Birmy School Review  suggests that ESL teachers should make it a rule for students to speak only one language during class sessions. Of course, that would be English. This alone is the most basic way of allowing students to practice what they learned in the classroom. Even if a student knows a little English or none at all after the initial assessment, starting with sentences like “Excuse me” or “May I go out?” can already be considered a good practice.

Also an ideal teaching strategy would be to allow students to interact with each other through a typical conversation. This, however, can be done through a step-by-step process in accordance to the ability of students to speak the English language. Utilizing this concept, allow them to talk about how they feel before going to class or what they have eaten during breakfast. Not only will their basic learnings of grammar and subject or verb agreement be put to the test, but also their pronunciation and enunciation as well. This will make them more confident in dealing with people in the ‘real’ world.

During the first few weeks of teaching, an ESL teacher should make a very good impression to his or her students. The Birmy English School encourage teachers to present themselves to their students with proper decorum. Wearing appropriate attire during the first day of class is also deemed necessary.

Teachers should include in their lesson plan the policy of speaking gently and slowly before the class so as to make sure that students are capable of catching up with the lessons. Being open to the needs of students help make the latter comfortable, thereby creating an instant connection in between.

Birmy School review strategies implement proper gestures as a way of demonstrating or explaining a point when teaching. An ESL teacher should bear in mind that a fun learning experience should always be exercised in the classroom. For the first day, it would be good if preparation of name tags for all the pupils were already taken cared of in order for them to know each other well. Having friends during class hours could be a great motivation for students to learn English.

The first few days and weeks of teaching can be a vital step in the learning process of students. Make sure to make these days count, as a student’s interest depends on these crucial periods!

Birmy International English School is an institute meant to cater the needs of Chinese people in mastering the art of the English language. Run by a premier staff of effective and efficient teachers, Birmy School continues to be one of the most reputable English institutions in China.