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Birmy School Review:The Importance of Learning English While Younger

Chinese are considered to be one of the most hardworking individuals in the world. This is why, it is no wonder that they are excellent in the fields of health, economy, business, and of course, education. They are well aware of the importance in learning English and they consider the proficiency on this language as a golden ticket to compete globally. Having a wide and broad learning on English enables them to be excellent both locally and internationally. As much as possible, Chinese people start the learning process from childhood in order to equip them while they are still young. Together with the help of The Birmy International English School, this article gives important key points on how to teach English to these little ones.

How to Teach English to Children

We all know that kids have a short attention span and could be ridiculously noisy in class. They are not used to longer conversations like what adults usually do. What the Birmy School review suggests is that the teacher should be able to flash a smile always. It might be a little awkward to be smiling all the time but it actually works. Kids are nervous coming to class most of the time and nothing could be ever more welcoming than the smile of their teacher. These little ones would usually talk about teachers being nice or exuding a terror attitude. That is why if you’re a teacher who is fond of smiling always, you will definitely fall on the nicer category.

Also, be sure that when you talk to kids, talk to them on an eye level. Never just read the topic to them or worse, just let them do all the talking without allowing them to fully comprehend what they have just read. It would also help if you squat or kneel down in front of kids while reading. Your position when reading speaks volumes when it comes to assuring a kid of your good intention.

Birmy English School of Learning also emphasizes the need for teachers to be very vigilant to the kid’s reactions when teaching certain topics.

When you see kids listening attentively, then this is a good sign. However, if you can’t catch their attention, speaking slowly would be of big help. As an instructor for kids, you should be able to enunciate and pronounce the words properly so that they can catch up.

Last but not the least, you should be able to have a reward system. It would be nice if you incorporate prizes if ever the child gets a high score or aces the activities you have provided. It may not be food or cash but it will surely motivate a student. Stickers are actually great kind of reward because they can place this on their shirts and show off to friends.

These Birmy English School tips can help you get a better response from children should you be teaching them the English language. Be gentle and make your classes as fun as possible! The kids will love it.

Birmy International English School is a renowned quality education institution made for Chinese students who want to master the English language. With competitive teachers and effective teaching strategies, Birmy continues to provide high quality education to its students.