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Can Birmy English Teachers in China Date Students?

Perhaps one of the most interesting topics you’d want to talk about as you prepare to teach in Birmy International English School in China is that of dating Chinese people. We can all agree that life is always better when you have a companion. So if you’re planning to stay in China for a couple of years, it’s very likely that you will be dating someone at some point.

Don’t even think about dating your students in China!

You read it right – you’re not supposed to date any of your students while you’re working as a teacher at Birmy English School in China. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, you’ll be surrounded with a lot of students, especially if you are to handle high school or adult students. There are a couple of reasons you should stay away from the idea of getting closer with your students.

First of all, teachers are held in a position of trust, and you should always try to preserve that trust. In many countries in the world, romantic relationships between a teacher and a student are considered illegal. In fact, a number of teachers have already been jailed for having a sexual relationship with their students.

Another reason why you should stay away from the idea of being involved with your students is to avoid being the topic of rumors or gossips. In China, teachers are respected not only by students, but also by the parents of the students. The best way you can ruin that respect is to go on a date with any of your students.

Lastly, schools in China, like Birmy School, have a strict policy against teacher-student relationships. If you are proven to be in a relationship with your student, your contract will be immediately terminated. When this happens, not only will you lose your job, but you will also get a bad reference, which will make it very hard for you to get another job in the future.

So how are you supposed to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend in China?

Of course you are free to meet and date Chinese men or women as long as they are not your students. The best places to find interesting people are nightclubs and bars. Let me warn you, though, that most of the people you will meet are not fluent speakers of English. This could make it hard for you to communicate with them, of course! Nevertheless, you should still try to go out and meet people especially if you’re single.

If you want to have a memorable experience working in China, it’s important that you do your research well. By checking out some Birmy School review and other online forums for ESL teachers in China, you will find many tips on how to enjoy life as a teacher in China.