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Well, what really is a kiss? As we all know a kiss is the touch or pressing of one’s lips against another person or a thing. There is a wide variety of cultural connotations for kissing and that really depends on the culture and context. This kiss can express a thousand of sentiments. These sentiments […]

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Learning English Language the Birmy English Style

With China’s economy getting higher than ever as well as the internationalization of its society, a lot of Chinese students seek out better ways to master English as a language. These students have enrolled themselves to different universities and graduate schools to further their education and enhance their skills. These Chinese English language learners seek high-intermediate […]

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Birmy International English School: Where Professionalism Meets Excellency in Teaching Chinese Students

With the increasing number of Chinese students taking up English literacy exams, it is not surprising to observe a steady rise in the growth of English proficiency schools catering this side of the Asian population. Birmy International English School offers a high quality education to Chinese students looking for ways to improve their efficiency in […]