Brief Introduction of Taizhou


Taizhou City

Located in middle Zhejiang, Taizhou is south to Ningbo and Shaoxing, north to Wenzhou, east to Jinhua and Lishui and west off the East China Sea.

History: This land has been cultivated since the Neolithic Age. In the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC), it was called Puxiang, which was changed into Puxian Shire in the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD). In 621 of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), it was called Haizhou State. The name of Taizhou came into being in 622. It was in 1994 when it became a prefecture-level city under the approval of the State Council.

Physical Features: With the East China Sea to its east, the land here inclines from high west to low east. It is covered with various landforms including hills, plains, mountains, islands and sea.

Climate: The region belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate zone. Summer there is quite hot especially in July when the average temperature can be as high as 34C (93F). Winter is long but not too cold. The average temperature is about 4C (39F) to 8C (46F). Early May, late June and early September are its rainy season

Taizhou Tourism


Tiantai Mountain


Ancient City Wall of Linhai

South China Great Wall: It is a well kept ancient Great Wall under the state protection in Linhai, the national historical and cultural city. It is said to be the original version of the.

Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area: It is a national AAAA scenic spot, not only famous for its breath-taking scenery, but also for its Buddhism and Taoism culture.

Xianju National Scenic Area: Located in Xianju County, it attracts visitors with its fairy landscape. Yong’an River cruise is the highlight of this area.

Taozhu Provincial Scenic Area: It is a national geological park in Linhai. Taozhu Ancient Town and Coral Rock are most famous there.


Changyu Dongtian Scenic Area

Fangshan-Nansong Mountain Scenic Area: Linked with the famous Yandang Mountain, it is composed of three parts: Fangshan Mountain, Lion Peak and Longjiangmen Gateway.

Changyu Dongtian Scenic Area: It is a national AAAA scenic spot in Wenling. The grand cave scenery formed due to the stone exploration 1,500 years ago. Thousands of caves link and form a natural music hall.

Other Spots: Shitang Fishing Village, Dalu Island, Dachen Island, Shepan Island, Sea World, Wu Zixiong Glass Art Exhibition Hall, Yuhuan Agricultural Sightseeing Garden, Shaddock Orchard

Taizhou Transportation


Taizhou City Motorway

Taizhou transportation:
Taizhou Huangyan Airport (HYN) is located in Luqiao District. It has directly flights to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen, Xi’an and other main cities.

Bullet train:
Bullet train is highly developed in Taizhou City, it goes to most cities in China.

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