Creative Teaching Techniques for More Effective and Enjoyable Learning 

Creative Teaching Techniques for More Effective and Enjoyable Learning

Although the traditional teaching techniques where a teacher explains a topic while students are taking down notes may still be useful, there are several other techniques that are proven more effective in encouraging students to learn. If you are seriously thinking about pursuing a career in teaching, like in Birmy International English School perhaps, then you should learn a thing or two from this post.

Below you will find some of the most popular techniques of teaching that are being used in different parts of the world today:

Flipped Classroom Model

This teaching model actually encourages students to be prepared for their lesson before class. The classroom becomes a venue where students can discuss and elaborate on what they have studied individually. With this technique, teachers have their students prepare a topic at home, which will then be the topic of the class the following day. Through this approach, students are made to explore their natural curiosity.

Design Thinking Method

This model urges students to resolve real-life cases using brainstorming, group analysis, and innovation. The advantage of this method is that it prepares students for the real world, and it also enhances their creativity and analytical skills. This technique is most often used in MBA classes wherein students are trained to analyze and solve real problems in business.


The key to learning is curiosity. Basically, learning is not about making students memorize books and text, which they are bound to eventually forget. What’s important is for students to be able to explore an area which they are interested in, so they could learn more about it themselves.


Interestingly, the use of games as a method of learning has been explored over the years, particularly in preschool and elementary education. Using games, students are able to learn even without the awareness that they are learning. In addition, learning through play is a technique that effectively keeps students motivated. This technique is also commonly used in ESL classes. The Birmy head office in China also believes that this technique can help young learners of English to learn the language.

Online Learning Tools

There are so many learning tools teachers and learners can access on the internet for free. Teachers need to be innovative in choosing which tools to use in class to make sure students are engaged and enjoying the class. Students, on the other hand, should be encouraged to use the internet to acquire more knowledge.


Clearly, modern technology has paved the way for the creation of various teaching techniques that can effectively make students love learning. At Birmy International School in China, a regular Birmy School review is conducted to assess the teachers’ techniques to ensure quality education for its students.