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Different Ways Teaching at Birmy English School Will Make You a Better Person

If you ask those who are or have been teaching at Birmy International English School in China, they will all say for sure that travelling has benefited them in so many ways. When you travel, you don’t just get to see more of the world, but you’ll be able to appreciate other cultures, people, and food.

Making China your home for a period of time comes with a lot of challenges, but the experience you’ll get is going to be just mind-blowing. That explains why those who teach at Birmy English School return home better and wiser people.

Here’s how teaching abroad can make you a better individual:

By learning a second language

You come to China as an English teacher, but in the process, you’re also likely to learn their language. According to studies, people who know two or more other languages have better attention span as well as short term memory. But perhaps what you’ll love about learning a foreign language like Chinese is that it allows you to interact with foreign people better and more easily.

By becoming a better teacher

As you learn another language, you’ll somehow experience how it is to learn a different language. Because of this, you’ll be more understanding to your students, and you’ll figure out how you can help your students learn the language. You’re likely to understand the mistakes your students are likely to make, and more importantly, why they make such mistakes. This will help you determine what teaching methods or strategies you should use to help your students avoid making the same mistakes.

By becoming more resourceful

As an ESL teacher, you’ve got to find ways to effectively teach your students using only the resources available to you. This means that you have to be open-minded, resourceful, creative, and flexible. Many of the stuff you could use for teaching in your home country might not be available in China, so you should be creative enough to make something out of what you have.

By having a sense of adventure

When you teach overseas, you will find so many things you should try. There are lots of exotic drinks and foods to try, interesting festivals to join, crazy transport to try, and a whole lot of places to visit! Knowing you may not be in that place again in the future, you’re likely to just jump in and discover what’s in it for you. This sense of adventure is a great quality to have for your personal and professional life.

When you come to Birmy English in China to teach ESL, you will give yourself a lot of great opportunities to discover different places, meet different people, try different food, and of course, you will learn so many things about yourself and the world around you.