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English Levels at Birmy

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Textbooks for children

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textbooks for teenagers

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Teaching Methods

1. Preview

At this stage, we instruct students to preview English learning courseware—–you feel English Cooperating with TMM. We provide students with the most advanced English learning courseware in the world. With the help of TMM English learning courseware, students are exposed to extensive language information including native English speakers’ pronunciation and their language habits. Audio- visual messages given by TMM can effectively stimulate students’ sensitivity to English.

2. Cognition

At this stage, we guide and teach students in that they can understand in detail what they have previewed—you comprehend English.

Students can speak freely, as they wish. Only when grammar, vocabulary, sentence patterns and communication skills are thoroughly understood.

With detailed illustrations of grammar, vocabulary, communication skills and cultural background in TMM ,students can get an all-round understanding of the passage in each lesson.

All themes taught in Birmy main courses can help students to lay a comprehensive and systematic foundation of English language.

3. Mastery

At this stage, we guide and require students to practice constantly— you master English.

Teachers and students stop learning as they finish the two stages of preview and cognition in traditional English learning. However, they are still far from the stage of mastery, which can only be accomplished with unceasing and methodical repetition as well as re-telling of what has been taught.

At this stage, students build their language structures and oral fluency.

4. Automatic Use

At this stage, we work with students to sum up and apply what they have learned — you can speak fluently accurately whenever you want.

On the basis of language structure and oral fluency. We endeavor to effect students to communicate with others by vocabulary and expressions things they have acquired on various stimulating occasions with the aim of socializing with others in native English.

Birmy Summer/Winter Camp

Birmy organizes summer camp and winter camp to USA, UK and Australia every year. This program has attracted more and more students and their parents. We’ll continue providing great service to students.

USA Summer Camp
UK Summer Camp
Australia Winter Camp