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FAQ’s about Teaching at Birmy English School in China

Do you have questions about what it is like to work as an English teacher at Birmy International English School in China? Don’t worry because this post will try to answer all your queries about work and life in China as an ESL teacher. This post is particularly for those who have applied and are thinking about applying for a teaching job at Birmy English School.

I don’t know how to speak Chinese. Can I still work in China?

Going to Birmy English to work as an ESL teacher doesn’t require that you be fluent in Chinese. Even if you don’t know a single Chinese word or expression, you can still qualify for the job. What’s good about teaching in China is that it also gives you an opportunity to learn the Chinese language. At Birmy English, teachers are encouraged to learn some Mandarin, but only if they are interested.

How about the salary?

Salaries of ESL teachers in China are likely to be lower compared to what teachers receive in other countries. This shouldn’t discourage you, however, because considering the low cost of living in China, your potential salary will be more than enough for you to live comfortably and still save a good amount of money.

Salaries may also vary by position and school location. Just to give you an idea, working at Birmy English can let you earn around 13,000 RMB per month, plus a complete benefits package. If you want to know the exact figure, you may contact the head office or read some Birmy School review where former and current teachers normally share such information.

Will I be qualified to teach at Birmy English School?

As a native English speaker, you have a great chance of being hired as an ESL teacher in China. Take note, however, that not everybody can be accepted. Qualified candidates possess the following:

  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • No criminal record
  • Passport from the UK, US, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa
  • At least 2 years of teaching experience, or a TEFL certificate

How can I find a place to live while I’m there?

One benefit of going to Birmy International English School is that you won’t have to worry about your accommodation. Birmy will take care of your place to stay, and will ensure that you have a comfortable place during your stay in China.

Will teaching at Birmy English School give me opportunities for advancement?

Yes. When you teach at Birmy International English School, you automatically get for yourself a chance to launch a great career in China. As long as you do your best as a teacher, you will be considered for promotion. This means that you will receive a better compensation package, and a guarantee for a great career as a teacher.