FAQs of New ESL Teachers at Birmy English School in China

If you’ve decided that teaching ESL at Birmy International English School in China is the right career path for you, there are likely too many questions running in your mind right now. It’s important that you do a lot of research first, so you can have an assurance that this decision is good for you, both personally and professionally.

You’re reading this post because you need answers to your questions, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Below are the most commonly asked questions by new ESL teachers like you:

Do I have to prepare my own materials for the class?

Most schools in China, like Birmy English School, have their own curriculum and sets of materials they provide to their ESL teachers. However, it’s still part of your job to plan lessons that will suit your class. You also need to be creative and resourceful enough so you may come up with class activities and games that your students will find interesting and helpful.

Can I earn enough money to live on?

This will depend on several factors, such as your lifestyle, the bills you have to pay, and especially where you end up teaching ESL. Generally speaking, however, there are thousands of ESL teachers already who have travelled to China that were able to make enough money to support their stay abroad. As a matter of fact, many of them were able to save up enough cash to fund their travels and even pay off their loans back home.

Is it safe to work as an ESL teacher in China?

Safety isn’t something that should worry you, especially if you are to live in a rural area or a major city. You may even be surprised to learn that the crime rates in most cities in China are lower than in your own city or country. But then again, you need to practice safety all the time, just like what you would do anywhere in the world, to protect yourself from any harm.

Are my future students able to speak even a little English?

At Birmy English, for instance, the majority of students have some background in English, so they are able to communicate in this language, but only with simple conversations. What you will realize later on are the common problems of Chinese learners of English, particularly vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening. It’s possible also that you will be assigned to handle a class of total beginners.

Will I be treated well by my employer?

While there are stories by ESL teachers about them being underpaid and overworked, it is safe to say that most schools in China treat their foreign teachers well. At Birmy English School, you will be given equal opportunities as all the other ESL teachers, and you will feel comfortable and well taken care of.