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Fun Activities to Use in an ESL Class at Birmy International English School

Just like in other ESL schools, one of the biggest challenges you will face as an English teacher at Birmy International English is how you will keep your students interested and engaged in your class. In order for you to do this, you have to make sure that they are having fun while they’re studying. It’s your job as a teacher to find ways on how learning English will be fun for your Chinese students.

Here are some tips you will often find in several Birmy education group reviews on how you can make your ESL class fun and educational at the same time:

  1. Ask Trivia Questions

In this activity, you might as well write your questions ahead of time. You want the questions to be easy as well because the purpose of this activity is not actually to know what your students know, but how they will communicate their answers. You can also vary the level of difficulty of your questions according to your students’ age and skill level.

  1. Do Role Play

Role playing is another common activity in ESL classes. What you should do is set up particular scenarios in your classroom. These scenarios should be what your students are likely to face in real life. You can have one student ask for directions, for instance. There are various roles that each of your students can play. You should take into consideration the skill level of your students and give them roles they can handle.

  1. Watch with Subtitles

Watching movies or TV programs that are appropriate for the age of your students is an excellent activity for English learners. Choose a program that comes with captions or subtitles and turn it on. This will allow your students to hear the words, sentences, and read the text as well.

  1. Word Association

Playing word association is an engaging activity that is loved by many ESL students. To do this, you should first have your students sit in a circle. You may start the game using a simple word, and then ask the student to your left to say any English word that comes to his or her mind. The person next to the first student should then say the first word that he or she thinks of upon hearing the word mentioned by the first student.

These are just some of the many ESL activities you can use in your classroom when you teach in Birmy. If it’s your first time to handle ESL classes, don’t worry because the Birmy head office will assist you in making your lesson plan.

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