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Housing Options in China for Teachers at Birmy International English School

Those who apply for teaching jobs at Birmy International English have so many questions in their minds prior to their actual employment. One of the things they do a lot of research on is housing in China. Of course, if you are planning to spend a year or more working and living in China, you’d definitely want to know if you’ll be able to find a comfortable place to live in.

Free Housing for ESL Teachers

Almost all educational institutions in China offer free housing or accommodation to their foreign teachers. As you read a couple of Birmy education group reviews, you will learn that Birmy School provides their ESL teachers with free furnished accommodation for the duration of their contracts with the school. Although you are likely to share the place with another teacher, you will have your own bedroom. What you will be sharing are the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and even a small balcony.

The housing you will be given is going to be located near the school. It’s usually within just a 10 minute walk distance from your unit. If this is your first time to go to China, you should feel relieved that you won’t have to find a place to stay on your own.

Options for Getting Your Own Apartment/Unit

If you are not comfortable living with another person in a single unit, you still have an option to rent your own place. This option is popular for couples who come to China together, and also for those who have been in China for quite a while and have already settled in.

Should you eventually decide to find your own place, the school is likely to pay you an allowance of about half the rent. This is a huge bonus for you, but you should also take into consideration that when you rent a housing unit in China on your own, you will be the one responsible for paying the deposit.

Rental Prices in China

If you’re sure you want to rent your own apartment in China, you should know first how much it may cost you. In a regular city, a good apartment with 60 to 80 square feet of space would typically cost 1,800 to 2,500 RMB or 200 to 400 USD a month. This unit should include one bedroom, and is located nearby restaurants, shops, and other conveniences. Meanwhile, if you are to rent a house either in Beijing or Shanghai, the same kind of apartment would cost you around 4,500 RMB or 700 USD a month.


Before you decide whether to rent your own apartment or share one with another person, do your research first. Ask around or check out several Birmy education reviews so you could better make an informed decision.