How to Avoid Job Scams When Applying for a Teaching Job in China

How to Avoid Job Scams When Applying for a Teaching Job in China

Making a decision to get a teaching job abroad is a huge one. You will have to give up some important things in your life so you could start a career abroad. And another big challenge you should overcome is the possibility of falling into the trap of illegitimate ESL job postings or recruiters. That’s why it is highly recommended for job applicants to contact potential employers or school administrators, like the Birmy head office directly when applying for a job.

These are the tips you should follow in order to avoid an ESL scam and end up with a legitimate teaching job in China:

1. Do research about the standard work conditions in your target city.

When you are well informed, you have a good chance of avoiding scams. You have to spend a good amount of time doing a research on the teaching market and work conditions in the city you are planning to teach English in. Know what the average teaching salary is, the normal work hours, and especially visa requirements. When you know what you should and should not expect, it will be easier for you to spot ESL scams. There are several Birmy education group reviews you can read also to learn about the working environment at Birmy International English school.

2. Use only a reputable job listing website.

Using reputable sites in your search for a teaching job increases your chances of finding a legitimate job and employer. On these sites, you will also find several reviews from other foreign teachers, which should serve as a good sign that the school is a legitimate one.

3. Double check the email address.

One common trick that scammers use is to post a job ad using the name of a reputable school or language institution. Thus, you will be made to think that you are looking at a legit job advertisement. To avoid getting tricked, make sure you check their email address and other contact information. You should try to send an email inquiry first and wait for a response. Countercheck also if the email address is the same as the one written on the website of the school.

4. You don’t need to give any upfront payments.

Birmy International English school and other language institutions are not likely to require applicants to make upfront payments during the hiring process. Take note also that most employment packages for teachers going to China include airfare, visa fees, and others. If you receive a request for money which you are asked to send via Western Union, consider it as a red flag.

Birmy International English school is one of the most popular destinations for teachers in China. Look for a reliable Birmy School review also to get more information.