How to Get a Teaching Job in China

Teachers who successfully find a way to get a teaching job in China enjoy great opportunities to make international friends, enhance their teaching careers, and travel a fascinating country. In short, teaching English in China, particularly in Birmy International English school is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

The globalization of commerce requires individuals to have the ability to interact with colleagues and clients in English. Thus, the Chinese government is doing whatever is necessary to make sure that Chinese people become more effective in communicating in English.

Steps for Getting a Teaching Job in China

1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

In order for teachers to qualify for teaching jobs in China, they need to have a degree. They don’t necessarily need a degree in English or ESL because there are certifications that will suffice. But still, having a college or university degree is essential for getting a teaching job in China.

2. Earn a TESOL certificate

Taking a course work for a TESOL certificate is a vital part of your preparation for teaching English in China. When you apply at the Birmy head office, you will be required to have a TESOL certificate as part of your credentials.

3. Research online for available teaching jobs in China

There are plenty of online sources and listings for available teaching jobs in China that you can find. Even international private schools like Birmy use the internet to announce their current and future openings. You could also read a couple of Birmy education group reviews online to know more about how and what it’s like to work in this reputable institution.

4. Send an application to the schools of your choice

When applying for a teaching job at Birmy International English or any other schools in China for that matter, make sure that you send a professional application letter, resume, and cover letter. This will increase your chances of getting hired for the available position. And once you receive an offer, be sure to read the provisions of the contract carefully.

5. Clarify every aspect of the contract with the school’s administrator

You need to be sure about what you can expect the moment you arrive in China to work as an English teacher. You should ask if housing is provided, or perhaps you will be given a housing allowance. The good thing about Birmy head office is that you can reach them anytime to seek clarification about anything in your contract.

There are many international, private, and public schools that are in need of qualified English teachers in China. Thus, you have to do enough research to ensure that you will end up with a reliable one. Also, read a good Birmy School review to find out why this place is ideal for you.